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    Container Battery Systems 300kwhr to Multi Mega Watt

    ·         Modular system of 300KWhr, 600kWhr, and 1MWhr containers, no limit on size

    ·         Symmetrical charge/discharge values suitable for grid balancing and capacity market

    ·         Internet link installed

    ·         Air-conditioned for maximum performance

    ·         Fire suppression system

    ·         Battery cells and Power Conversion System manufactured by the same company

    ·         Onsite support and commissioning by factory staff

    ·         Aggregator ready

    ·         10 year warranty



    ·         Grid balancing

    ·         Peak rate shaving and Duos and Tuos cost reduction

    ·         Triad cost reduction

    ·         Utility sized Uninterruptable Power Supply

    ·         Power Purchase Agreement ready

    For more information please call our battery sales manager St John on 07540 106935; alternatively you can send an email to

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